At the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo Blockchain Technology will be Used
The International Testing Agency (ITA) reported that at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, they will use blockchain technology to protect data on anti-doping test results. This is reported by CNNMoney Switzerland. To develop a new security model, ITA has entered into a partnership agreement with a blockchain startup BlockFactory. Read more on the topic: The news was commented by the organization’s CEO Benjamin Cohen:
“Today all  the steps happen on the digital world and therefore we are looking at technologies that help us ensure that none of those steps are tampered with through the documents that are being shared and so blockchain can be one of the answers.”
According to Benjamin, the new software based on a distributed ledger technology will be put into practice in the upcoming Olympics in the capital of Japan. If the effectiveness of the innovation is confirmed, the blockchain will be integrated into the digital platforms of all sports. Cohen is confident that the blockchain can be used in the anti-doping system, sports betting and match-finding services. The distributed ledger technology provides a high level of information security and reduces the likelihood of falsification of the information specified in the documents. We want to remind you: