The phenomenon of ZelaaCoin and Sahil Arora
The cryptocurrency market has a huge number of different coins and tokens. Each of them has its own value and prospects, but unfortunately, the vast majority of them will end badly. Note that there are several real diamonds in this huge pile of garbage, which are difficult to find. In this article, we will talk about a fairly promising coin, which should receive a listing on the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance very soon, and show a rapid increase in capitalization and user base in the future. So, let's talk in more detail about the ZelaaCoin project. ZelaaCoin went silent for a while in the previous few months and we did not hear much from the company and the founder, Sahil Arora. It was learned later that Sahil had a fatal car accident and was severely injured. He had multiple surgeries and spent a long time in the hospital.  However as soon as Sahil took charge of Zelaa right after he left the hospital - things have never looked this good for Zelaa. Under his leadership recently we have witnessed a significant incline in trading volumes reaching $600,000 daily and price appreciation crossing €0.05 of ZLC that is listed on the LATOKEN exchange.  ZelaaCoin also was listed on CoinMarketCap and the company also showed off a ZelaaPay Debit Card to enable users to spend their crypto at merchants worldwide using the Visa or Mastercard payment processing network.  ZelaaPOS was also showcased and is now being placed in merchants that Zelaa is onboarding every day and the company is having multiple strategic alliances and corporate deals for their products. ZelaaPOS also has their own dedicated online platform to sell the product to customers who choose to be operators of ZelaaPOS.  Zelaa also launched a 1 billion token supply for their new coin offering - ZPAY.  ZPAY is said to be a hybrid and upgraded version of ZLC which is bound to have more utilities and can be used across all products of Zelaa Technologies Limited. Currently ZPAY is priced at €0.13 and has already distributed 3 million and more tokens in the market.  ZPAY is supposed to have a bigger market capitalisation on the basis of being a mineable currency to expand its total supply in future.  Zelaa also got Albi Zhulali of SoftMogul as an advisor on their board lately. SoftMogul is the best hotel management platform with over 100+ hotels on their platform which ZelaaPOS is aiming to tap and explore profitable partnerships between SoftMogul and Zelaa going forward.  Furthermore ZelaaCoin has also applied for a listing on Binance and we all are to witness how that goes.