Elon Musk paid $50 Thousand to the Detective to Confirm His Tweet About Pedophilia of the Thai Teenagers Rescuer

Elon Musk hired a private detective to collect files on the speleologist Vernon Unsworth. Earlier, the head of Tesla and SpaceX called him a “pedo guy”.

Recall that Unsworth participated in a global rescue operation to save a Thai football team that was stuck in a cave. The children and their trainer were locked up for more than two weeks, and rescuers from around the world were involved in their rescue.

One of the variants was proposed by Elon Musk. He said children could be rescued with a small submarine made from parts of the Falcon rocket. In response, Unsworth suggested Musk to “stick his submarine somewhere where it hurts” also accusing him of trying to promote due to the tragedy.

In response to this, Musk called the caver “pedo guy”, then he deleted his tweets and apologized for them. It turned out it was not the end.

“I didn’t mean that Unsworth is a pedophile. “Pedo guy” was a common insult when I was growing up in South Africa. It is synonymous with ‘creepy old man’ and is used to insult a person’s appearance and demeanor” – Musk said.

A month later, during correspondence with BuzzFeed, Musk called the rescuer “pedo guy” and accused of marrying a 12-year-old girl. In September, Unsworth sued the head of Tesla for disseminating false and defamatory information.

The first court hearing was on May 10, and the other day, September 16, the California federal court published defense documents related to the case. It turned out that Elon Musk paid $50 thousand to a private detective so that he would find out all the details from the life of Vernon Unsworth.

It was after the detective’s information that Musk told about Unsworth’s pedophilia: he said that the rescuer did not have a very good reputation in Thailand, he lived in Pattaya for a long time, and this place is associated with sex tourism, and he met his wife when she was 11 or 12 years old.

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