Telegram has Launched Test Client for TON Blockchain
Telegram messenger has released a test version of the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain client. All interested can check the work of the network in practice and express their opinion about the project. Developers uploaded eight files to the site:
  • TON test network client with libraries from third-parties;
  • client configuration file;
  • software installation instructions and general information;
  • description of the process of creating a smart contract in the client;
  • TON whitepaper (TON blockchain documentation);
  • information about the TON Virtual Machine;
  • characteristics of the TON blockchain;
  • a brief guide to the software language Fift.
The TON client is a simplified stable version of the software for the blockchain that includes the main library of files. With it, you can connect to the Telegram network and send requests. The configuration file allows you to customize the smart contract development process. You will be able to create a new contract, test the existing one and send messages. Moreover, the smart contract code can be written on the local computer in the Fift programming language. On May 23, Pavel Durov's brother published a description of Fift. This programming language is designed to create and manage smart contracts in the TON blockchain and interact with the virtual machine. TON Virtual Machine will execute the smart contract code on the network and therefore it supports all operations that require analyzing incoming messages and modifying the database. In April, Telegram company has successfully completed the closed blockchain testing phase. Representatives of the company reported that the launch of the TON network is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019. We want to remind you: