Startup That Develops A Flying Taxi For Uber Raised $25 Million
Uber Air company needs partners who can develop air vehicles for the future flying taxi service. One of the company's key partners, startup Karem, has just raised over $25 million to develop its flying car. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="796"] Source:[/caption] “Karem’s technology for making safe, quiet, and efficient air taxi vehicles excites all of us,” - Uber Elevate head Eric Allison said in a statement. - “Hanwha’s Series A investment in Karem’s new air taxi entity accelerates efforts to bring the Butterfly to market, and we look forward to flying riders in places like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Melbourne in the near future.” The Uber company intends to start testing Karem flying taxis in the next year and by 2023 to launch this service fully in major cities of the United States and Australia. Note that Karem start-up engineers are developing exclusively electric flying cars that can take off and land in an upright position. The main task of Karem is the combination of the vertical lifting capacity of the helicopter with the speed and range of the aircraft within a single vehicle. We want to remind: