Investment in ICO Projects has Fallen in Almost 58 Times
According to The Wall Street Journal, the market of initial coin offering has significantly lost its position in the first quarter of 2019. For the first three months of this year investment in all ICO projects was only 118 million US dollars, while last year this index was about 6,9 million US dollars. According to the edition, potential investors are afraid of actions from regulators in relation to blockchain startups which don’t match the legal standards. And let’s not forget that the feeling of uncertainty in the market is still present because of the prolonged bear trend. It should be noted that this market is one of the most unpredictable and potentially dangerous. The fact is that there are a huge amount of swindlers and simply low-quality projects. As practice has shown, only 15% of startups which conducted initial coin offering successfully started trading at the same price or higher than during the ICO. Because of this all people have stopped massively investing in this market, but The Wall Street Journal states that private investors had turned their attention to STO. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: