What is Artificial Intelligence?

You may not even realize it, but you daily encounter or interact closely with Artificial Intelligence (AI), or at least take part in its training. All modern technologies of the latest generation use AI: smartphones, smart watches, social networks and even messengers, not to mention more serious developments, such as high-intelligence machines.

Artificial Intelligence is a science and technology of creating intelligent machines, programs, and systems capable of solving creative tasks that, as is commonly believed, only a human can handle.

This definition hardly made it clear, so in this article The Coin Shark will answer the most frequently asked questions and tell you everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence.

What can be related to Artificial Intelligence technologies?

Today, technologies include the latest models of smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as Siri and Alice voice assistants, Google and Yandex search engines, even GPS navigation devices. AI is actively used in the sphere of defense and military affairs, medicine, education, business, and other areas.

What does AI do?

Studies and develops. Let’s have a look at the example of the latest flagships, in which artificial intelligence is integrated into Alice or Siri voice assistants, depending on the operating system of the smartphone. The helpers adapt to the needs and even the character of the user to help with everyday tasks. It is assumed that the assistants can not only find information, but also independently call a taxi, book hotel rooms, etc.

In other words, AI will adapt to a person’s way of thinking in order to solve logical and creative tasks.

What does Artificial Intelligence include?

If we do not go into detail of a complex process of building and learning AI, then artificial intelligence includes neural networks with a huge number of large databases that are replenished every second.

Application of AI in economic

In the economic sphere, artificial intelligence is applicable in banks, logistics, trade, markets and even brewing. Based on AI technologies, which are used in economic, completely replaced a human at some positions as a work unit.


AI greatly facilitates everyday life, not to mention the global challenges. It can solve issues that require a logical approach with such speed that is beyond the power of man. Its another peculiarity is that it can make decisions accurately and precisely with the slightest error. For example, in the field of medicine, AI will soon be able to make diagnoses and even execute complex operations that the medical workers are not able to carry out today.

AI and Robotics

AI and robotics used to be two completely different areas,  but now they are in close contact. They quickly found use in many practical implementations that showed a good result. The symbiosis of AI and robotics is actively used not only in research centers, but also in small and medium-sized businesses. The speed of development is amazing: while humanity have become used to mobile devices, the developers have already begun releasing the first AI robots. At the moment, the international community is demanding smart robotics regulation.


AI is designed to solve and perform tasks that are beyond the power of man. For example, in diagnostics it will be able to determine a pathology in the early stages, which will make an insane step in medicine and prolong people’s lives. Also, AI can effectively use resources, for example, in production. In transport logistics, smart cars will work out the most optimal route to save fuel and reduce vehicle wear. There is a huge amount of tasks that AI can solve, but they all should be led to simplification, economy and accuracy.


It is difficult to predict the development of AI since the direction is developing rapidly. For just a few years humanity has witnessed how machines can reproduce human speech and logically answer questions. So far it is known that the potential of artificial intelligence is not even half used.

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