Top 3 Blockchain Projects That are Worth Paying Attention Today
There is a huge number of projects on the market, the amount is so big  that one question often arises - which project the customer can entrust their funds to. The Coin Shark offers you a list of three blockchain projects that today, in our opinion, are among the most promising in their field. 1. Tixl (MTXLT) This project provides a modern solution to private, instant, and zero-fee transactions. Unfortunately, nowadays no crypto is able to provide these three features at the same time, but for Tixl this is not a problem anymore. They use the latest blockchain technologies to satisfy all the needs of their users, including
  • Fast transactions are supported by a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data structure combined with the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP).
  • Confidential transactions are available due to the zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Private transactions are based on Quantum secure cryptosystems (NTRU + XMSS) to ensure security and safety.
2. BestRoi This project will tell you how to make money without big efforts and struggles. It is the first network marketing based on Ethereum network. By joining BestRoi, you can increase your original investments not only by 100% or 200% but by more than 6000%. All you have to do is to take a referral link, share it with your friends via messengers (Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.), tell them a unique way of getting a passive income and just earn money. To make it fair, a smart contract limits the growth of the structure after it is completely accomplished, i.e, after the fifth level is completely filled, the participant stops receiving income from his referral link. Smart contract is a big part of the project, it controls all the financial issues. Smart contract is the best guarantee in our time: the conditions are approved and recorded on the blockchain and cannot be changed. 3. Chatex This project is all about pleasant experience in crypto. Chatex is a wallet that allows you to buy crypto on the built-in p2p exchange. The acquired crypto can be easily transferred to your friends and business partners without fees. The wallet is located inside the messenger Telegram, literally Chatex is protected by it. Since if the hackers want to crack your wallet, they have to crack the messenger first. The company has three values which it always strives for: simplicity, justice, and freedom. Chatex is the simpliest wallet in the messenger. By developing Chatex the company gives people access to a fair financial system based on cryptocurrencies. We want to remind you: