The Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Release Is Postponed In China
There has been a lot of hype about the current novelty of Samsung - Galaxy Fold. We have called it a revolutionary device that had started a new era of smartphones, yet, it turned out to be a too pompous name for such a phone. Samsung presented Galaxy Fold in February 2019, it was the first company to release a combination of a simple smartphone and a tablet in one device. The first impression of the Galaxy Fold was quite unpleasant, people considered it too ugly to buy, however, they admitted that the new era of electronic devices had begun. Later, the journalists, tech experts, testers received the models of the phone to test them out and make reviews. Usually, testers are amazed by new phones produced by Samsung, but not in this case. They reported a number of failures and screen damage after a couple of days of using. Samsung received a big wave of criticism amid the fact that its Chinese competitors - Huawei, Xiaomi - also released folded smartphones which got a big welcome among people. And now Samsung decided to postpone the release of Galaxy Fold in China, according to SamMobile. The official reason is the problems with the venue, though other events connected to the launch were also delayed. Richard Lai, the editor in chief of Engadget Chinese, posted a tweet saying that events in Hong Kong and Shanghai have been delayed. Such a major setback has a certain impact on the price of Samsung’s shares. In the last five days, the value of stocks fell from ₩47,400 (~$41) to ₩45,350 (~$39). [caption id="attachment_37061" align="alignnone" width="451"] Source: Google[/caption] Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: