The Malware Agent Smith Has Already Hit More Than 25 Million Android Devices

   According to Check Point, a recently discovered virus, called “Agent Smith,” has already managed to infect more than 25 million Android devices. The researchers gave it such name because of its attack methods. Note that "Agent Smith" does not steal user data; instead, it hacks the applications that are installed on the device and causes them to show more advertising to the user. This is done so that attackers can profit from a huge number of ad views. When this virus hits the device, it starts searching for popular applications (WhatsApp, Opera Mini or Flipkart, etc.) and then replaces part of their code with its own. The users from India suffered the most (about 15 million devices), but malware spread to many countries, for example, more than 300 thousand infected devices were detected in the US. Check Point specialists say that all applications in which Agent Smith was integrated have already been removed by Google, so there is nothing more to be afraid of.

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