The Body of a Man Who Disappeared in 1997 was Found Due to Google Maps
In the US state of Florida, they managed to find the body of a man who went missing almost 22 years ago. It happened due to Google Maps. In late August, a resident of Wellington, Barry Fay, received a phone call from a neighbor. She said that her ex-husband noticed a car in the pond behind Fay`s house when he viewed satellite images on Google Maps. According to Fay, she was in shock. They decided to call the police. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="874"] Source:[/caption] After arrival, law enforcement officers confirmed that there was a car in the pond. After removing it from the water, they found a human skeleton inside. The body was sent for a forensic examination, which showed that the remains belong to William Moldt, who disappeared on November 7, 1997. Almost 22 years ago, Moldt called his girlfriend and said that he was going home after the party. No one has ever seen him again. The area where the body was found was occupied with building houses for more than twenty years and no one has lived there yet. Therefore, the police doubt that they will ever find out how William Moldt and his car ended up in a pond.