Telegram Founder Plans to Launch an Independent News Aggregator
On June 7, Pavel Durov commented on the news about FSB pressure on Yandex in demanding the issuance of keys to decrypt messages on his personal Telegram channel. According to the founder of the messenger, such actions will not lead to anything good. As instead of encouraging the activities of domestic companies, the regulators infringe upon the Russian IT market.
“Thus, the Russian authorities will cripple the local IT market with their own hands, voluntarily handing over the remnants of the true “sovereignty” of the Russian segment of the Internet under the control of the United States – along with the data of tens of millions of Russian citizens,” Durov writes.
In his opinion, the way out can be to create his own free news aggregator, not limited by censorship and the domestic market. He notes that he already has a base and would like to replenish his staff with new talented employees. To develop a new project, Durov invited to his team developers from Yandex. He also remembered how the Telegram project had once helped Vkontakte employees to find a “new home”. He noted that a huge number of high-level specialists live in Russia, but due to pressure from regulators, they have to work for foreign companies. We want to remind you: