Robot-recruiter will Select the “Right” Candidates In Job Interviews
While freelance is becoming more popular, job interviews are still a must. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not so easy to find someone who the employer really needs. This happens not necessarily because there is no such person, but because it is impossible to adequately evaluate a candidate on the other side of the screen. So, the HireVue startup team is trying to solve this problem with the help of the AI-controlled platform “Hiring Intelligence”, AllyO startup intends to increase hiring efficiency by solving problems of inefficiency and conversion of poor candidates experience, and Arya uses machine learning to determine potential candidates by a CV. VCV.AI has now attracted $ 1.7 million investment from the Japanese VC Will Group, Talent Equity Ventures, 500 startups, and angel investors to develop an automated selection system for candidates with facial and voice recognition. According to VCV, this can help eliminate bias towards a person when pre-selecting candidates in the video interview process. VCV allows potential candidates to attend a “real interview” while recording video using a computer or a smartphone on iOS or Android. Thanks to the facial and voice recognition system anxiety, mood, and behavior patterns of candidates are identified, which helps recruiters make decisions about the right candidate. According to information published on the VCV website, the system cannot replace the recruiter but can provide more tools to increase the efficiency of the search and verification process for candidates. This approach helps companies save time on searching, communicating and conducting surveys for potential candidates. Clients are already such large companies as PWC, L'Oreal, Danone, Mars, Schlumberger, and Citibank. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: