OnePlus TV will Get a 55-inch QLED Display
After the news that OnePlus TV will enter the Indian market in September, new details appear on the network. Now we know the first technical details of this product, kindly provided on Twitter by OnePlus India: it will be a 55-inch QLED panel. In previous applications, Android-based models ranging in size from 43 to 75 inches were offered, supposedly the 43-inch version was for India. This announcement does not necessarily exclude all of this, but at least confirms that India is getting a 55-inch version, while a 75-inch model is likely to appear in the US and China. QLED is Samsung’s marketing term for quantum dot LED technology, it is worth remarking that it has nothing to do with OLED, despite the similar name. QLED panels still rely on LED backlighting, unlike OLED, where each individual pixel emits its own light, so the image quality of QLED TV is largely dependent on the quality of the backlight. For example, the number of local dimming zones is critical to HDR performance. In other words, we still can’t talk much about OnePlus TV until we see it with our own eyes, but it’s not long to wait.