Now It Is Possible to Create Own Levels With Super Mario Maker 2
Nintendo presented its new product Super Mario Maker 2. It was one of the most generous gifts the company has made recently. This is not just a continuation of your favorite game - it is a powerful platform for creating your own levels. The project broke into the media space quite rapidly, at the moment it has 54 reviews from authoritative publications and the average rating of the game is 89 out of 100 possible points. Players can create their own levels, but note that this is quite a difficult and long task, for which a stylus is required. The sequel to Super Mario Maker 2, announced in February and released at the end of June, is a logical development of the previous game. There are new items, new styles, new ways of modeling the landscape and many other complex factors, such as conditions that you can impose on players: do not jump, do not transfer the item to the goal and much more. We want to remind: