Now Google Knows How Many People Will be on Your Transit Bus or Train

Now Google Knows How Many People Will be on Your Transit Bus or Train

For a long period of time, Google has collected a huge amount of data on the accumulation of people in public transport in different cities of the world, and now they are ready to launch their new forecast service.

On June 27, 2019, representatives of the world’s largest technology company announced that they add a new function to forecast the occupancy of passengers in their own application “Google Maps”. Now people will have the opportunity to see how crowded will their train, subway or bus be, etc.

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This data is based on past travel. The fact is that for several months, Google asked people in different countries of the world to share this information. After the trip, people had to choose from four options:

  • many empty seats;
  • few free places;
  • only standing places;
  • only tight standing places.
Source: The Verge

After a long collection of information in the company, they believe that they have gathered a sufficient amount of data to give fairly accurate forecasts to their users. This function can already be used by people in 200 cities around the world, about 25% of them are in the United States.

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