India Wants to Create Its Own Messenger for Government Communication

India Wants to Create Its Own Messenger for Government Communication

The government of India will follow the example of France and create its own messenger for civil servants.

New Delhi is reflecting on the need to have its own application for official communications. The main reason for this decision is to reduce dependence on foreign companies.

“We need to make our communication insular”, said an unnamed high-ranking government.

Recall that France launched an encrypted Tchap chat application for use in public institutions earlier this year. Tchap can only be accessed by people who work in French government offices. But it is noteworthy that the developers have opened the source code of this application for public viewing and auditing.

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Of course, security flaws in Tchap showed up within the first 24 hours of its announcement. And as the experience of France has shown, security is a real problem that the government of India will have to face. A huge amount of resources will be needed to solve it.

Attempting to introduce own messenger will not be an unprecedented step for India. For several years, the country has been trying to create and scale its own Linux-based operating system called BOSS, but without much success, since most government agencies continue to use the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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