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How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Wallet Safe?

Are you sure nobody can steal your wallet right from the pocket? Well, it might happen while you commute in the public transport, stay in a line to buy hot dogs or just walk along the street. Yes, everyone has to be very careful. Is it different in cyberspace? Of course, it’s not. It’s better to keep your cryptocurrency wallet secure and today The Coin Shark will briefly tell about some key steps everybody should make to ensure their crypto funds safety.

Although cyberpirates can potentially board every vessel in the cyberocean, users often lose their money because they themselves do not take security measures serious enough.

First of all, it’s good to backup cryptocurrency wallet data so that you will manage to restore it in case your device gets broken, burn down, is stolen or if your cat drops a cup of water on it.

Secondly, you can learn poems, remember sequences of numbers or objects, so basically train your memory not to be afraid of a long random password. Or just write it down on a piece of paper. 15 characters and more, lower and upper case, letters, numbers, symbols and so on – try to make it more complicated than just a birth date. 

Thirdly, private key security is vital. Only wallet’s owner should know it and use to “decipher” transactions and, actually to put virtual currency into their cyber pocket. If you keep your private key on your device, you can encode it, especially if somebody you don’t trust enough can access your computer. It’s also useful to prevent yourself from being a person whose kid has accidentally spent all cryptocurrency. You can also store your private key offline – on a piece of paper or USB.

You also need an efficient antivirus. In particular, it will protect you from keylogger software that can record which buttons you press on the keyboard, or from phishing, when you follow malware links and let hackers get your passwords.

The wallet type also matters. If extra security is more important for you than extra convenience, then you’d better use a hardware wallet. Online and especially exchanges wallets are very convenient and won’t require gigabytes of available memory on your device so that you can manage your cryptocurrency using a mobile phone. However, hardware wallets download the whole blockchain on your computer, interact directly with it and don’t need any agents like online services or exchanges that can have security flaws. In addition, hackers found bugs in the transaction code of Mt.Gox exchange and manage to steal $460 million in Bitcoin. However, if you trade your cryptoassets on exchanges, you will need an online wallet to makes deals fast. Anyway, hardware wallets are probably the best to store cryptocurrency but online ones are required for quick operations with digital coins.

So, security is a really important issue of crypto investing. As cryptocurrency market expands and prices for virtual coins grow the crypto fraud is likely to increase and develop.

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Pavel Durov: Who’s He And What Does He Have to Do with Cryptocurrencies? 0 67

Pavel Durov: Who’s He And What Does He Have to Do with Cryptocurrencies?

Pavel Durov is a 33-year-old entrepreneur from Russia who created the largest European Social network Vkontakte back in 2006. Millions of people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and many other countries joined “VK” and have been enjoying its user-friendly interface and functionality.

In 2013 Pavel’s business reached global level when he created Telegram together with his brother Nicolai. By that time he also left Vkontakte. Telegram is a popular cross platform messaging app. Early in 2018 it had 200 million active users and Pavel noted that 600 thousand new users joined the service daily.

Vkontakte was really a breakthrough back in 2006 when the russian online space had no such kind of social network and even Facebook was launched only two years ago and became available to every Internet user the same year as Vkontakte. Telegram, however, was not the first messenger as of 2013. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Viber, without mentioning Skype and other veterans, had already existed for several years and gained popularity. Anyway, Telegram did not only manage to take its share of the market but also actually became the best messaging app that has really user-friendly interface, is fast and very secure. Telegram ensures such a great privacy that some countries try to ban it, especially after it was revealed that terrorist organization ISIS members used it for communication and propaganda. Today state authorities and secret services cannot access private user dialogues due to special encryption methods with generated private keys.

Pavel left Russia when started developing Telegram. He’s now travelling together with his developers from one country to another and does not want to settle down somewhere. The New York Times quotes Pavel: “I’m very happy right now without any property anywhere. I consider myself a legal citizen of the world”. Besides, a billionaire Pavel said that in Russia he met some very rich people with private ships, aircrafts and luxury estates and that he did not wanted all of that for himself.

So what does Pavel Durov have to do with cryptocurrency? The Coin Shark has already posted an article about Telegram planning to launch a blockchain platform called Telegram Open Network (TON) with its virtual currency Gram. Telegram holds the largest token sale ever to raise money for the project. During the private pre sale Telegram is said to collect around $850 million, and is raise billions during the token sale itself. However, Gram tokens are not available for a large number of investors and there’s a little official information about the token sale.

Telegram’s going to revolutionize blockchain by creating first massively adopted easy-to-use cryptocurrency available for everyone. Users will be able to use TON to carry out fast transactions directly in their messenger, launch ICOs, develop their own virtual currency and much more.

Telegram token sale is often referred to as the greatest current cryptocurrency market event and who stands behind it is Pavel Durov together with his developers team.

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Can Bitcoin Lose All Its Value? 0 68

Can Bitcoin Lose All Its Value?

We have already got used to extreme volatility of many virtual currencies and first of all Bitcoin. It seems that not so long ago the rate was breaking records one after another, having reached its all time high of $20 thousand, and today it is trying to keep $8 thousand, if to say nothing of smaller daily fluctuations. However, can world’s first virtual currency lose all its value and cost zero? The Coin Shark will tell, whether Bitcoin can go full down and whether we should expect that to happen.

The answer basically lies in bitcoin’s prospective to be massively used and finally become a kind of a proper currency which, moreover, bases its value not upon world supplies (as gold) or state authority and economy (as fiat money), but upon mathematically sound  and utile ways to transfer information.

A major american bank holding company Morgan Stanley has issued a note where a group of company’s specialists headed by James Fawcett  analyzed the cryptocurrency market and concluded that Bitcoin can lose its value completely if people don’t use it as a mean of payment worldwide, – reports Business Insider. It is also mentioned that only a few of hundreds major online retailers currently accept Bitcoin.

However, there are many agent services that accept BTC payments and enable users to spend their virtual currency even on platforms where it is not accepted directly. Generally, we can observe the growing liquidity of the virtual currency, so if the coins themselves will be alright, the number of places to spend Bitcoin will increase. However, it will probably never be a good bargain to buy milk or bread with bitcoin, but that’s the issue we are going to talk next.

Bitcoin has several technical problems  that by the way some altcoins are trying to solve. A confirmation time basically depends on a transaction fee, which means that cheap transactions are going to take more and more time. The time of transaction also increases respectively to the growing bitcoin price and the more users are there in the system the more time they have to wait for their transactions.

It probably does not mean that bitcoin is self-defeating and especially in the short term. However, these problems definitely threaten the massive adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Early in 2018, full-time Chair of European Securities and Market Authority Steven Maijoor told Bloomberg, that crypto investors had to be ready to lose all their money invested in Bitcoin. The reason would be the extreme volatility that would never let Bitcoin become a proper currency.

Anyway, even if these problems potentially cut down on Bitcoin’s rate it will hardly decrease to zero, as long as the cryptocurrency market exists. Today BTC dominates among all other virtual currencies (there are currently more than 1500 of them) by more than 40%, and even if other altcoins that are technically better developed someday squeeze their grandparent, they won’t probably destroy it completely. However, even if it happens, it will be such a distant future that in terms of the cryptocurrency market, one can only make predictions and speculate.

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