GreedFall is Officially Available on All Platforms
GreedFall from Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive was officially released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new game offers to go on a journey full of dangers through the lands of the distant island of Tir Fradi, full of magic, wealth, secrets and fantastic creatures. Several editions have already rated the game, and players share their impressions.

The plot of GreedFall

The World of GreedFall - a collection of all the possible cliches about the era of the great geographical discoveries. The allusion to colonial America is reinforced by the fact that aborigines live on the island (of course, they are similar to the Indians), who know how to protect themselves from a terrible infection. Actually, our goal is to help the new governor of the island, the protege of the Merchants guild and our cousin and childhood friend, to settle the conflict with the local population, in which several fractions are involved at once. As for the computer requirements, GreedFall needs at least a third-generation or fourth-generation Intel 4-core processor or AMD equivalent, from 8 GB of RAM and entry or mid-level graphics card.