FIFA 20 Adds Female Managers for the First Time

In a recent release of gaming notes for FIFA 20, Electronic Arts announced that for the first time in the game history, players will be able to switch to career mode as female managers. The new version of the simulator will add the ability to manage your football team as a woman or as a man. The addition of female managers has become part of a larger announcement that FIFA 20 will introduce a detailed avatar editor system for managers. This is not the first time that women have been added to FIFA. For example, FIFA 16 allowed players to choose from a limited set of women's national teams, such as the US national team that won the World Cup, to participate in football matches. But until that moment, only men could be managers, and FIFA 20 EA Sports decided to fix it. The avatar editor boasts a wide selection of character settings. This is not only what players will be able to choose between a man or a woman - they will be able to change many characteristics of the avatar, including skin tone, hairstyle, clothes, accessories, etc. We want to remind: