Experts Named the Safest Electric Car, and It's Not Tesla
The German crossover Audi E-Tron became the first and so far the only electric car that received the highest safety rating from the American crash test organizer IIHS. However, it is possible, the leader will change in a couple of weeks. The American crash test organizer, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), named the safest electric car - it was the Audi E-Tron crossover. So far, this is the only electric car with a high rate - Top Safety Pick +. Receiving such an award needs passing all six collision tests well, and also getting a good or excellent mark of the quality of the headlights, the operation of braking systems and collision avoidance. IIHS pushes cars with barriers four times: with a small frontal overlap on the driver's and passenger's side, with an average frontal overlap and with a side hit. In addition, the roof stiffness is separately checked in case of a coup, and after each collision, the remaining space for the mannequin's head is measured. To get the highest rating, all ratings should be “good”. It is worth noting that Audi may not stay in the first place for a very long time since now IIHS is conducting crash tests of the new Tesla Model 3. The latest Tesla model, which got into the experts' hands, was Model S 2017. Then, for the highest rating, the electric car lacked good headlights (this was immediately fixed) and a good mark in the test for a head-on collision with a small overlap, for which Tesla received "satisfactory". Model 3 has already been tested in crash tests by specialists of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There, the car received the highest mark (5 stars in all categories).