EA Launches Cloud Gaming Testing – Project Atlas
EA announced its own cloud gaming service last year, but since then there have been no details about it. It was surprising to know that Project Atlas closed technical testing was started on September 10th. Some users who are registered in the Community Playtesting program will be able to take part in it. Four games will be available to gamers: FIFA 19, Need for Speed Rivals, Titanfall 2 and Unravel. In particular, EA wants to test the synchronization of game progress from Project Atlas to the player profile in Origin. The company also wants to find out how the system will behave in the “real world” environment, where communication interruptions, latency, jitter, and various obstacles can occur. EA seeks to minimize the impact of these factors by using Amazon Web Services and “public clouds” to place servers as close to gamers as possible. EA has not yet announced the launch of a full beta of Project Atlas, but anyone can register for the Playtesting program to be able to receive an invitation.