Bitcoin Rate Fell to ZERO. But Only on CoinMarketCap
The information site crashed, and as a result, Bitcoin disappeared from the top ten largest digital money by capitalization, and Ethereum took its place. The average market rate of Bitcoin dropped to zero on the CoinMarketCap website. Users who had a notification in case of the passage of the first cryptocurrency of a certain mark received a notification about the fall of the rate to $0. CoinMarketCap displayed Bitcoin at a price of $0. Due to this, the first cryptocurrency lost its leading position among the largest in terms of the capitalization of digital money, Ethereum took its place, and the market value decreased by $184 billion, to $83 billion. In fact, at that time the price of the main digital coin remained at the level of $10,200. Now it is $10,244. Last week, due to system problems in the CoinMarketCap, the resource displayed a 600% increase in the Ocean asset. The abnormally high price of altcoin was observed only on one exchange - Coinbit, CoinMarketCap ignored other sites.