AT&T Knows When Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Comes To The USA, Yet Is It Accurate Information?
Samsung has been in trouble for quite a long period of time, actually, it had started when they released a revolutionary smartphone - Galaxy Fold. Many people were unsatisfied with the look of the smartphone, calling it ugly, but when testers got Galaxy Fold to test it and found out that the phone broke in just a few days, they were furious and disappointed. Details on problems are provided below: As a result, Samsung delayed the launch in different countries, including China, to repair the problems. However, how much do those who preordered the device need to wait to get the smartphone? AT&T knows the answer. AT&T, an American telecommunication provider, has been sending emails to the customers, saying that the Galaxy Fold will come on June 13. There are several screenshots posted on Twitter and Reddit proving it. Interestingly, Samsung has not announced any specific dates yet. The Verge thinks that these emails were sent to keep the preorders alive before Samsung finds a solution to improve their smartphone. However, if Samsung sets another date for shipping, that will confuse lots of customers and certainly, this will have an impact both on Samsung and AT&T. The American company has not answered to any of the requests yet, so we just need to wait to find what is real, what is not. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: