Amazon’s Fake Reviews Boost Tech Products Of Unknown Companies
Well, it's okay to look at reviews before buying any product, it is literally common practice of all consumers in the world. Think yourself, when you start searching a product, you are quite unsure what kind of project you need, in particular tech products, thus, the first thing to look at is reviews of the goods. Reviews actually help you to decide. A British consumer education group, called Which? conducted an investigation on the reviews that boost tech products of unpopular brands to the top and people start to buy it on Amazon. So, it turned out that such reviews may be fake ones. The Which? investigation dived to the world of cameras, smart watches, headphones, fitness trackers and other small tech items offered on Amazon and found some things:
  • Top-rated brands were the companies which do not have any reputation at all, tech experts do not know about Ktaoism, Gejin, ZagZog and Vogek.
  • The reviews are mostly from unverified purchasers, and such customers give 5 stars to the product.
  • According to Which?, "This sort of activity often involved duplication or repetition of reviews. We even found instances of positive reviews for entirely different products appearing on a listing."
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