A New Dragonfly from NASA Will Fly to Saturn’s Largest Satellite – Titan

A New Dragonfly from NASA Will Fly to Saturn’s Largest Satellite - Titan

NASA announced on June 27, 2019, its new ambitious interplanetary mission: “Dragonfly”. As part of this project, agency experts are going to deliver a flying Mars Rover-sized vehicle to the surface of Titan. It is assumed that the device will fly across the surface of the satellite, take samples of its soil and send high-resolution photos back to Earth.

Note that “Dragonfly” is in the early planning stage, and the launch of the device is scheduled for 2026. If all goes according to plan, then in eight years (by 2034) it will reach the surface of Titan. The ship will use a parachute for landing. It will be equipped with drills, probes and, of course, cameras to study the surface of this celestial body. It will remotely resemble a drone since it will use rotors to move around Titan.

Titan is a bit like an early Earth, but this is a very scary place. There are also oceans, rivers and organic materials on its surface. But hardly anyone would want to live here, the fact is that the local oceans consist of liquid methane, which means that it is really very cold there (around −179,5 °C). It is unlikely that scientists will be able to find a race of microbes there, most likely it will be only self-replicating molecules, which are the source of life according to one of the theories.

So far, little is known about this mission, but soon we will learn more. Not to miss news, stay tuned to our site.

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