Combination of Bamboo and Carbon Fiber Create the Material of the Future
Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, whose "Bamboo Ring" was presented at the London Design Festival says that bamboo and carbon fiber can be used together to create buildings that can withstand earthquakes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="535"]Источник: Source:[/caption] This installation demonstrates an extremely durable structure made from bamboo and carbon fiber rings woven together. Kuma believes that this is “the material of the future”. He also added that using this new material it will be possible to create buildings that can better withstand natural disasters, such as the earthquake and the tsunami in 2011. "Both materials are very light, but wood is not resistant enough in an earthquake. By combining it with these carbon fibres we can create a new kind of strength." – Kuma said. It became known, the basic component of the installation is a 2-meter diameter ring, consisting of strips of bamboo and carbon fiber. Bamboo rings were produced in a factory in Japan. First, the bamboo is bent, and then carbon fiber is glued to it, making it stiff.