You Can Now Study Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies at Ivy League
The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the member of Ivy League, now offers a subject that will be of great interest to the students who want to have a deeper knowledge in the sphere of digital finance. The course name is “Fintech: Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies”. It was announced in the official press release. The students who signed up for the course will listen to lectures on the blockchain technology, payment methods, crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies, investment etc. Moreover, they will research various case-studies in this sphere and talk with major fintech experts.
We are proud to launch this program as part of our multi-faceted approach to defining fintech for the world. The Fintech Specialization is an important new component of Wharton’s powerful fintech portfolio,” Anne Trumbore, a senior employee at Wharton.  
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