White House Discusses Blockchain Solutions For The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict With Israeli Blockchain Startup
Unfortunately, territorial conflicts are a very common situation in our modern world, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not an exception. The governments of many countries try their best to smoothe it, including the superpower state. The Trump administration is in talks with Israeli blockchain startup Orbs at the summit in Bahrain. Read more: https://thecoinshark.net/the-trump-wall-technological-peculiarities-of-the-us-mexican-border/ The summit backed by the White House was organized to discuss the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and blockchain solutions for it. According to the New York Times, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called investments in the Palestinian territory a “hot I.P.O.”, yet the USA is ready to invest $50 billion in its so-called “Peace to Prosperity” plan. Netta Korin who is the co-founder of Orbs and the founder of Hexa Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on social-impact blockchain projects, was invited to Bahrain, where she stated:
“I was invited [to Bahrain] to show the immense potential blockchain technology has to solve some of the problems governments are facing in an efficient and transparent matter.”
The intentions of the Israeli side were not supported by the Palestinian Authority and they are boycotting the summit as it was last fall. However, Netta Korin assured everyone that there were some Palestinian partners who were willing to partner with them, her team has already started working with them. Though the names were not disclosed. We remind you: https://thecoinshark.net/two-israeli-are-indicted-for-the-hack-of-crypto-exchange-bitfinex-in-2016/