Verizon Launches Its First 5G Access Point At $650
The largest cellular provider in the US, Verizon, has represented the long-awaited 5G hotspot - 5G MiFi M1000. This device is the latest proof that 5G technology will not be cheap: the price of one hotspot is $649.99, this does not include the cost of the traffic itself. The company offers several ways to purchase:
  • a 24-month installment - in this case, you will have to pay $27.08 monthly;
  • a two-year contract with the company, the price of the device will fall to $499.99.
Monthly data packages will also be more expensive than current LTE tariffs. The company explained that St. Paul will become the 5th city to receive 5G coverage by joining Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Providence. As other rollouts, the 5G network in St. Paul will be limited to only a few areas of the city. Earlier, Verizon promised that residents of 30 US cities will be able to use the services of 5G by the end of 2019. We want to remind: