USAT Inc - the new strategic partner of VenusEnergy
One of the main resources for successful business development is strategic partnerships, which provide important resources for the rapid and qualitative development of the company. VenusEnergy announces the new partnership with USAT Inc. USAT Inc. is a scientific-technological Association of scholars, which is a digital incubator for profitable and innovative business ideas. The Association has the resources and the capability to quickly and efficiently bring new products to market, whilst providing maximum returns to all stakeholders. The Association has already proved its effectiveness, having implemented another flagship project - Solar-wind Technology by the end of 2018. The project is based on technologies of renewable energy sources, detailed information is available on the USAT website ( VenusEnergy centres its focus around the use of renewable energy, which increases possibility of successful cooperation between organisations, as well as for fast and quality development of the project. The issue of renewable energy is very topical, and it is very important that large companies are adopting the business model of using renewables in their operational activities. Collaborations such as this will facilitate the rapid scaling and development of the renewables in industrial utilisation. In identifying the importance of this partnership, for VenusEnergy, we can say for sure, that  USAT Inc. understands the importance of environmental sustainability and most importantly, recognises the importance of accelerating our commercial activities by providing the best possible technical system support.