Top 5 Crypto Services That Will Make Your Interaction with Digital Currencies More Convenient
Cryptocurrencies have their ups and downs, but the fact remains that they established themselves as a full-fledged payment method and member of the financial world. The market offers crypto fans various types of services to each individual liking, however, due to the relative novelty of the very concept of cryptocurrencies, it is still hard to determine which crypto project is trustworthy, easy to use and diverse and which is not. Today we present to you 5 cryptocurrency platforms that provide quality service and really worth trying out. 1. SIMEX SIMEX is an international fintech platform which allows its users to exchange digital assets with the help of the blockchain technology. With SIMEX you will be able to send or receive crypto transfers through ID, phone number or email. The commissions of the platform are very reasonable. SIMEX has already expanded all over the world, including accredited and not accredited investors and entrepreneurs from different countries. What is available on the platform:
  • P2P transactions;
  • posting announcements;
  • deposit and withdrawal of fiat and cryptocurrencies;
  • listing of tokens;
  • interexchange arbitration;
  • prepaid SIMEX Black Master Card.
2. VenusEnergy VenusEnergy is a project that advocates for a very noble cause, the protection of our environment. It offers using alternative renewable sources of energy in order to mine cryptocurrencies. VenusEnergy believes in the power of blockchain, however, it claims that computing powers for using blockchain and mining crypto can be extracted from the sources that do not harm our planet. Besides, promoting environment protection, such business concept will allow crypto-based startups to reduce their expenses for energy. Why should you invest in VenusEnergy?
  • first soft cap investors will receive 50% more of the project’s tokens;
  • at the end of ICO, the tokens will be listed at various crypto exchanges;
  • Venus token holders are going to receive energy at a price cheaper by 20%;
  • 24 cryptocurrencies can be mined through the platform;
  • the process of mining can be stopped at any minute if it becomes less profitable.
3. UCRYPT UCRYPT is a crypto project that offers a variety of services which will make the process of trading cryptocurrencies quick and easy (the registration only takes a few minutes). The options of depositing and withdrawing funds is constantly replenished. To ensure security of your assets, UCRYPT is using latest developments in the field of cryptography, multi-signature transactions, "cold" storage of funds and 2FA. Moreover, the project provides сharts with a wide range of technical price analysis tools from partner TradingView. Advantages of UCRYPT:
  • small commission for crypto withdrawal;
  • the opportunity to start trading cryptocurrency on within a few minutes after registration (you just need to top up the balance);
  • verification is required only when depositing fiat currencies;
  • no hidden fees;
  • the minimum amount for topping up the balance is 10 UAH, and 21 UAH is a minimal amount for withdrawal;
  • several options for depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • a wide range of analytical tools for estimating the exchange rate chart
  • 24-hour Russian-speaking customer support.
4. С is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which has been on the market for more than 6 years and earned a good reputation, confirmed by various monitoring and ratings, including BestChange. The online service takes into account fluctuations of exchange rates, based on the data from the most influential cryptocurrency exchanges in Ukraine and in the world. It offers its users to buy or sell cryptocurrency of different kinds and amounts at a favorable rate without problems with limits or cash. Why it is profitable and safe to exchange for
  • transactions are conducted quickly and at a favorable rate;
  • a big variety of fiat and cryptocurrencies available;
  • exchange or purchase can be done anonymously, customer data is always protected;
  • there are no hidden fees when filing a request or exchanging funds;
  • the site of the exchange is protected by the https protocol.
  • the customer service will answer all your questions quickly and clearly;
  • a large reserve of funds allows you to exchange big sums of money without a long wait;
  • exchange can happen in 3 modes: online, at the office, through express delivery.
5. is a cryptocurrency exchange, the statistics of which are quite impressive. In only 4 years, the platform conducted 27 thousand exchange operations, 5900 banking transfers; provided 900+ hours of customer service, came up with around 990 unique solutions, survived almost 200 DDoS attacks. offers a great selection of crypto and fiat assets to choose from, favorable terms with low commissions and overall pleasant customer experience. Advantages of the project:
  • minimal commission fees;
  • “mobile” reserve;
  • full anonymity and reliability;
  • customer operators, always ready to help you;
  • the service operates 24/7;
  • no need for registration;
  • special treatment for regular customers.
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