The US Treasury Secretary Considers Cryptocurrencies A Good Financial Tool For Criminals
US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin agrees with Donald Trump about the fact that cryptocurrencies are intended for fraudsters. At a press conference on Monday, July 15, Mnuchin expressed concern about Facebook’s new project, Libra, and cryptocurrency in general. This press conference was convened due to a series of negative tweets by US President Donald Trump regarding Libra and Bitcoin. According to Trump, digital coins are widely used to commit illegal activities, in particular, the sale of weapons and drugs. Although at the last press conference, Mnuchin did not make any new statements, he repeated the statements made by various government agencies in the past, describing the possibility of criminals using cryptocurrencies as one of the main problems. “Libra could be misused by money launderers and terrorist financiers, this is indeed a national security issue” – Mnuchin said.  We want to remind: