The Personal Data on Major Instagram Influencers Has Been Leaked
According to the report made by TechCrunch, a huge database containing personal information on lots of popular Instagram personalities appeared online without any cyber protection, which means that everyone interested has access to it. The database is hosted by Amazon Web Services and leads to an Indian company Chtrbox, which specializes in sponsored content posting on Instagram. Consisting of a few million records, the database had personal information on multiple popular Instagram influencers, for instance, location, account verification status, number of followers and likes, bio, profile pictures. Moreover, the personal contact information, mainly emails and phone numbers, were also exposed. A few people from the list were reached out to and informed about the incident. It turned out they had no clue about this whole situation and had no idea what Chatrbox was. Instagram management has already been notified as well. We remind you that Instagram will shortly shut down the Direct app and move all the conversations to the main one. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: