The Elon Musk`s Company Neuralink Showed Its Technologies For The First Time
The most secret project of Elon Musk - the company Neuralink has finally held a public presentation of its technologies. It showed special "threads" designed to read information from the brain and transfer to a third-party electronic device, as well as a robot-neurosurgeon, which has a high accuracy level. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="479"] Source: The Verge[/caption] Startup Neuralink was founded by Elon Musk back in 2017, until this day the general public did not know what kind of technology they work at in the company. Musk has very ambitious plans, but the closest goal is to learn how to implant chips to paralyzed people so that they can operate computers or smartphones without harming the brain. Very soon, paralyzed people will be able to write text messages and scroll pages on the Internet with “the power of thought”. Elon thinks that in the longer term many people will want to improve their capabilities by implanting chips into the brain (sharing thoughts at a distance, learning a foreign language quickly, or any other skill, almost like in the movie “The Matrix”). It sounds rather strange, but ultimately we will achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence. This is optional, you can choose this if you want. This is what I think will be really important on the scale of civilization,” – Musk said at the presentation.

What was shown at the presentation?

  • Ultra-thin flexible "threads" containing electrodes with a diameter of 4-6 mm, after implantation, they will monitor the state of the brain and transmit data to a small device that will be located behind the ear.
  • A neurosurgical robot that can automatically implant 6 threads per minute. This robot combines a sewing machine and a microscope, which helps not to touch blood vessels during implantation.
The company claims that they managed to increase the data transfer rate by 10 times compared with their counterparts in the market. They made tests on rats, and next year scientists are going to start testing on humans, but first of all they will receive permission for this from the relevant authorities. We want to remind: