The Design of The Crashed Lunar Spacecraft Beresheet Will Be Used in The Development of A New Spacecraft from Firefly Aerospace
Representatives of the American company Firefly Aerospace announced that they are working with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to create a new lunar rover based on drawings of the crashed Beresheet. Recall that the first lunar landing of Israel crashed on the surface of the moon in April 2019. The ship from IAI successfully launched and safely entered lunar orbit, but because of the fact that its main engine was disconnected for a while, it flew up to the surface of the moon at too great speed, which led to its crash. Firefly says that the new project will be developed taking into account all the mistakes made by Israel colleagues. The Beresheet design components will be used in the new ship, which is supposed to go to the Moon in the future. Firefly Aerospace is one of nine organizations that NASA has chosen as part of a program to send small robotic ships to the lunar surface (CLPS). We want to remind: