Swiss Alps Energy AG launches ICO

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is turning the vision of an environmentally friendly and decentralised mining industry into a reality – the first initiative of its kind in the world. On 8 May 2018, the company introduced the project and launched the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to raise additional funds.

Developing business models based on blockchain technology is extremely energy-intensive and is criticised by government authorities and environmental organisations around the world. At the same time, more and more buildings in the Swiss Alps are becoming derelict. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) combines these two worlds and provides environmentally-friendly mining facilities in huts and farm buildings in the Swiss Alps that are no longer used.

At a media event held in the garage of the Baur au Lac in Zurich on 8 May 2018, Swiss Alps Energy AG introduced the project and explained how the SAM Cubes work. The SAE team explained the differences and the successes as well as how exactly the ICO, which begins on 15 June 2018, will work. The SAM Cube on show at the event proved to be a particular eye-catcher, which at 4x2x2 m is about the size of a minivan and has a processing power of 6300 MH/s (ethereum) and over 700 TH/s (bitcoin).

The Swiss Alps Energy AG’s proprietary, modular cube system makes it possible to directly install premade mining components in the Alpine huts without having to modify the buildings. The average temperature in the Swiss mountains of less than 15°C means that the SAM cubes don’t require any air conditioning. The sophisticated ventilation concept exploits the natural conditions to perfection and leads to a reduction in energy consumption of up to 30% compared with mining at lower altitudes. The cubes are exclusively operated using renewable energy (water power). Thanks to the state-of-the-art automation methods, they don’t require much maintenance and are managed via a central platform which optimises mining.

Swiss Alps Energy AG rents entire cubes or individual computing capacity within cubes, and at the same time guarantees extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective mining. The diffuse geographical spread of the SAM Cubes means that Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is in a position to provide hosting for decentral blockchain networks.  About Swiss Alps Mining & Energy AG: Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is the operating company of Swiss Alps Mining & Energy. The team is made up of experienced specialists in the areas of blockchain technology, mining of cryptocurrencies and the development of Hyperledger applications, as well as building engineers and energy experts. The team has successfully developed and implemented several business models based on blockchain technology. Swiss Alps Energy AG is currently going through the admissions process in a Swiss self-regulatory organisation (SRO).

For further information and to request an interview, please contact:
KCCC Korfmann Corporate Communications Consulting AG
Dr Sabina Korfmann-Bodenmann
Zeltweg 40
CH-8032 Zurich
T. +41 43 244 87 37
E. [email protected]
Gian-Carlo Collenberg
Swiss Alps Energy AG
Boesch 73
6331 Huenenberg
T. +41 76 576 78 78
E. [email protected]

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weiDex is the Decentralized Exchange of the Future!

In 2017 the cryptocurrency market saw a massive influx of optimism and popularity. After a market cap increase of over $600 billion, it was no surprise that the cryptocurrency market saw massive media coverage from financial channels, news articles, and stories of instant wealth. Apart from stories of wealth potential, cryptocurrencies gained popularity because they carried the potential for a new era, an era of true transparency and decentralization. This potential for transparency and decentralization seemed hugely unlikely in the digital world, however cryptocurrencies proved to be a force promising to change that.

Unfortunately, there did exist a few problems during the cryptocurrency popularity wave, much of these were related to the actual cryptocurrency exchanges. The top 3 problems cryptocurrency investors faced during this time were in the areas of exchanges rejecting new users, week long sign up processes, and exchange hacks. It is true that cryptocurrencies have shown us a new path towards transparency and decentralization, the exchanges however do not.

While many cryptocurrencies champion decentralization, the exchanges which transact the majority of these assets remain centralized. In the past, centralized exchanges have illustrated numerous examples regarding why the centralization of exchanges is a negative aspect in the cryptocurrency market. For one, many exchanges charge exorbitant fees, especially when withdrawing and depositing assets. In addition, exchanges are often victims of hacking attacks. As long as centralized exchanges hold massive amounts of assets, they will always be a target for hackers.

Luckily for true cryptocurrency users, there is such a thing as decentralized exchanges, the unfortunate truth however is that they are extremely complicated for new users. On top of being complicated in nature, seemingly all decentralized exchanges have hugely confusing user interfaces, this is of course a turn off for most cryptocurrency users.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are huge, their growth potential however is even bigger. In the bull market of 2017, exchanges saw record user growth almost daily. Since that time, many exchanges have increased their workload capacity to meet the future surge of users. The era of cryptocurrency is still quite new, this means exchanges have an unfathomable growth potential. For an exchange to see maximum growth, they need security, transparency, and of course, practical features. Despite this being a relatively simple recipe for success, we have yet to see an exchange that truly encompasses these factors. We have learned to trust the blockchain in regards to trust and transparency, therefore, there is no reason why we shouldn’t demand the same standards from cryptocurrency exchanges. If centralized exchanges are too risky to deal with, and decentralized exchanges remain complicated, what alternative do cryptocurrency users have? Surprisingly, this question can be answered with a single answer… weiDex.

What is weiDex?

weiDex is the first easy to use and fully featured decentralized exchange. Combined with secure smart contract technology to transact orders, weiDex also has numerous features stacked with a fresh and easy to use user interface. In short, weiDex is perhaps the first decentralized exchange that incorporates an easy to use interface packed with a plethora of amazing features!

Why use weiDex?

In short, there are three primary reasons among many why users should use weiDex. Firstly, it is immune to the risk factors of centralized exchanges. Secondly, it is perhaps the first decentralized exchange that incorporates an easy to use user friendly interface. Lastly, weiDex is packed with numerous exclusive features that cannot be found on other centralized or decentralized exchanges (These will be discussed further on).

weiDex’s Advantages over Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

When compared to both centralized and decentralized exchanges, weiDex seems to be am optimal choice for users.

weiDex advantages over centralized exchanges:

  • No sign-up hassle
  • No KYC
  • Users are always in control of their funds
  • No withdraw or deposit limits
  • No trade limits
  • Secure and transparent
  • Not vulnerable to hacks as centralized exchanges are
  • low fees
  • Quick and easy customer service
  • Transparency regarding weiDex team
  • incorporation of many exclusive exchanges

weiDex advantages over decentralized exchanges:

  • Easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Overall user-friendly user experience
  • Cross-chain transactions and atomic swaps
  • Highly qualified team
  • Transparency regarding weiDex team
  • unmatched customer service
  • low fees
  • incorporation of many exclusive features not found on other decentralized exchanges

weiDex Features

Unlike other exchanges, weiDex has many amazing features that cannot be found anywhere else. A quick look below will show you why weiDex is the optimal exchange for users.

Functional Token Utility:

The weiDex token (WDX) has a plethora of use cases making it a must have when using weiDex. With the weiDex token, users will be able to:

  • Reduce trading fee by 50%
  • Participate in community voting for new token listings
  • WDX can be used as a payment method for new tokens
  • Swap between both the Ethereum and other smart contract platforms
  • Hold WDX to receive airdrops

In the past, exchange tokens have shown to keep a rather stable and less volatile level of negative price action during bear markets compared to many of the alt coins. For example, as of August 2018, we see that most altcoins have lost 80–95 percent of their value. While it’s true that exchange tokens have also been on the receiving end of the bear brunt, they however have kept a relatively stable token price compared to their altcoin counterparts. A safe asset to hedge against a bear market could very well be an extra secret benefit of the WDX token.

Multiple Order Fulfilment:

The multiple order fulfilment mechanism is a unique system where users are only charged the Ethereum gas fee once when filling orders. For example, let’s assume someone has a 1000 token order. With this order, it takes ten transactions to fill. Normally, a user would be charged ten times for each transaction, with weiDex however, the user is billed only once!

Referral System:
Users who introduce new users to the weiDex exchange via the referral system will receive 20% of that referee’s trading fee.

Bear/Bull Bomb:

One of the most amazing features of weiDex is the Bear and Bull Bomb feature. With this feature, users will be able to convert all of their tokens instantly with the press of a button into either Ether or WDX. When the user is ready, they can press the button again and reconvert their Ether or WDX to nearly the same proportion. Why is this a wonderful feature? If a user believes their tokens will experience a sudden burst of negative volatility, they can use this feature to quickly snap out from that position and enter a more stable asset such as WDX or Ether.

Crumb Cleaner:

It is always awkward when our wallets are filled with small particle denominations of cryptocurrencies. If you keep a highly diversified crypto portfolio, you have likely noticed that your wallets show balances similar to something like “0.0000162”. This annoyance is now a thing of the past thanks to weiDex’s “Crumb Cleaner” feature. This feature allows users to convert these small micro remnants of cryptocurrencies into WDX. By doing this, you increase your stake for future airdrops as well as trading discounts.

Cross-chain transactions:

One of the most amazing features of weiDex is that it will offer cross-chain transactions between e.g. NEO and Ethereum tokens. With this feature users can transact between the Etheruem and other smart contract platforms. One example of this is that users could use the WDX ERC-20 token to buy Ethereum based tokens as well as NEO based tokens. This could very well be a first for the decentralized exchange industry.


When new tokens are added, weiDex token holders will receive airdrops based on how many WDX they have in their wallets. This is a great incentive to hold the WDX token.

Free Trades:

One of weiDex’s most unique features is that it implements free trading for all users when a certain volume threshold is achieved on the exchange. For example, if the total trading volume on weiDex reaches 1000 Eth, users will be granted a free trade period. The volume threshold is dynamic of course, however, it’s amazing that users will be able to experience fee-less trading!

Token Burn:

One of the most exciting aspects about weiDex’s is that they will initiate regular WDX token burnings!

Once WDX tokens are used to discount a user’s trading fees, they will be stored in a specified fee address where they will be burned at a rate of 1% bi-annually. The full extent of weiDex’s token burn policy will eventually decrease the token supply by 50% (50 million to 25 million).

What’s special about projectsthat have a token burn mechanism is that it gives users further incentive to hold. As tokens are burned, the value of all existing tokens increases as they slowly become more and more valuable. In the end, projects that effectively combine the recipes of legit token utility functionalities with token burning are able to maximize both demand and future token price.

The Team

Among the many positive aspects of weiDex is that it has a very transparent team. When it comes to exchanges, we often don’t know who the faces are behind them. With weiDex however, users can feel a sense of confidence knowing they can read up about the team and even chat with them on Telegram. Another positive aspect about weiDex is that it has a large size group of team members and strategic advisors. For now, we will do a brief introduction to just some of the team members.

Tito Titov (CEO) — Tito is famous amongst his team for always thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ideas and solutions. He is an experienced chief executive officer with a strong history in the computer software industry. Furthermore, Tito is highly experienced in software development and blockchain technology.

Krasimir Raykov (Blockchain Architect and co-founder) — Krasimir is known for being an integral and highly motivated team member. He brings over five years of experience in systems development, and back end development. Along with his experience, Krasimir brings high proficiency in Solidity, C++, and Java.

Rali Ralev (CTO) — Rali is best known at weiDex for his unwavering energy. He has a plethora of development experience and is proficient in system administration and multiple script languages.

Pavel Angelov(Senior developer) — Pavel is the Doer of the team. He is specialised in cloud integrations and full stack JS ninja. He has worked for companies like Telerik and Chaos Group.

Stiliyan Dimov(Blockchain expert) — A full stack web developer with 5 years of experience. Passionate about blockchain and the latest technologies. Great knowledge of Java, Solidity and Databases


With an amazing team, loads of features and easy to use interface, weiDex is set to become an industry leader regarding cryptocurrency exchanges. What is truly amazing about weiDex is that it not only improves upon the shortcomings of centralized and decentralized exchanges, but also adds token functionality and numerous practical features that users will surely love. It is without a doubt that weiDex will not only serve as a benchmark for future exchanges, but as the new go-to exchange for cryptocurrency and blockchain users.

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Õpetfoundation – Advancing Global Education-Inclusion

Utilizing Blockchain, AI & Chatbot Technologies to Enable the Equality of Opportunities through Education

Õpetfoundation is building a one-true source of global high school tertiary/college admission records with our unique Õpet-Blockchain solution, to facilitate seamless tertiary application and admission process.  

Imagine a day where students only need to provide a hashkey to the college they apply to and using our OPET Tokens, the institution can access all the information they require – secure, accurate and tamper free!  This ledger can only facilitate a new age of transparent and accountable edu-philanthropy with no leakage, where donors purchase tokens from independent crypto-exchange and transfer directly to beneficiaries with transparency into their app-usage patterns and records for subsequent sponsorship!

How do we populate our global ledger?

By utilizing adaptive AI recommendation engine, typically seen in Youtube, Netflix or Spotify, Õpetfoundation is developing a mobile application chatbot to serve as an affordable learning companion to students in global high schools, and learn about the user through reliable records submitted by the user, thereby recommending them global options for effective college counselling delivered via our contextualized chatbot.  To ensure longer period of engagement to “learn” more about the user for better recommendation, the AI adaptive engine can also “learn” the local national/matriculation exam curriculum to deliver an affordable digital test-prep tutor companion with a range of capabilities including personalized recommender, a unified channel for interests, tertiary/college and career counselling.

The Õpet ecosystem is designed to be open-loop for exponential scaling as we expand our operations “Uber-style” from one country to another, “learning” and offering our digital services for the high-schoolers in that geography and on-boarding them into the ecosystem for Network Effects to work its magic!

A pristine sector with vast opportunities

Education is a global evergreen industry. Worldwide expenditures rose to an estimated $6 trillion in 2016, with spending on higher learning forecasted to rise eight percent this year to $2.05 trillion. Year-on-year growth in demand is fueled globally by population growth and an expanding middle class in Asia and Africa. The target addressable market is huge by any measure.

According to a report published by Citigroup in July 2017, the total K-12 global market is estimated to be $3 trillion, with a post-secondary market estimated to be $1.5 trillion. Õpet has a specific target audience in high school students, at the cusp of making their tertiary choices.  With its Singaporean pedigree, Õpet (which originates from the Estonian word Õpetaja that means learn/teach) is determined to build a learning platform that embraces inclusive education for global students, and expanding horizons and tertiary options for the students with constructive conversations delivered via its Õpetbot.

Solutions for an industry with actual demand

With an industry that is continuously regenerating, Õpet is expected to be bathing in incremental demand for its services. As mentioned, it targets a specific group of consumers who already has a pressing need for its digital tuition companion services. The platform will offer academic assistance tailored to align with what is required of the national/matriculation exams, granting students with a smart way to revising effectively and acing effortlessly.

This crowd-funding duration in 2018 will be a crucial period in Õpetfoundation’s development of a decentralized learning platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence. Consider a one-true source of high-school records powered by our unique hyperledger-ethereum blockchain solution for secure, seamless and convenient tertiary admission process, for both students to apply and tertiary admission offices to verify.  With its goal of delivering social good through inclusive education that is both personalized and affordable, the learning platform will likely be a long standing one substantiated by burgeoning intrinsic value.

A network engineered to stimulate token usage

While the Opet Token (OPET) serves a myriad of applications, its core features revolve around network incentives incorporated to stimulate token usage. The Opet Token will work as a sweetener, encouraging students on the network to contribute revision notes and relevant and curated online content in return for the staked tokens. At the same time, college admission offices in need of third party affirmations will be offered the option of purchasing testimonies and other academic data from the network using the Opet Token, presenting them a more efficient way of validating accreditations.

More than that, philanthropists can leverage on the security, accountability and transparency nature of Õpet’s unique blockchain solution to transmit Opet Token donations safely to their beneficiaries without the fear of corrupt intermediaries. These network incentives will be the driving force to progressively, and sustainably propel Opet Token’s valuation in the market.


Strategic partnerships

University of Cambridge Judge Biz School’s Psychometric Center – Working with Cambridge’s researchers to refine their Personality Profiling Tool to be embedded in our AI recommender engine for effective AI tertiary/ college referral

American University of Central Asia, which is supported by George Soros’ Open Freedom Society, Andrew Carnegie Foundation and Several Supranational and more recently,

World Capacity Builders (WCB), a Canadian Impact Investing Fintech organization with vast resources and network to global leaders, in talks with Philippines Ministry of Education

JBS International College – Affiliated to Jamiyah Singapore, part of ÕpetFoundation Corporate Social Responsibility effort to roll out services to assist under-privileged Malay students in SG


Selected top 5 among 30+ crypto projects in San Francisco’s Blockchain Economic Forum Pitch Competition

Recently announced a US$2m (~4,000ETH) (with top up rights of additional US$2m) participation of Pecunio, a UAE based crypto-VC fund as part of their Seed Portfolio and a US$1.5m (~3,000ETH) with top up rights of additional US$1.5m participation by Genesis on Digital, a Malaysian-based Crypto and Blockchain Adivsory Boutique

Awarded the Top 10 Asia-Pacific Machine Learning Solutions Provider Award by CIOAdvisor AsiaPac magazine.

Secured Listing on Exchanges – LAToken and GBX (Passed Strict Legal Compliance Exercise)

Õpet’s private sale is ending, with early bird rewards offered in the form of bonus tokens.

To show your interest in Õpet’s private sale (minimum 50 ETH), reach out to its management team at [email protected]. Or to KYC/whitelist for the public pre-sale (minimum 1 ETH) on 1 September 2018 onwards, please visit [email protected].

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FlyMining Cloud Mining

fly mining

FlyMining is a cloud mining service provider that began its operations in October 2017. FlyMining positions itself as an eco-friendly business. If you want to start earning on bitcoin mining without worrying about buying and maintaining equipment, FlyMining is one of the best solutions on the market today. Instead of buying equipment, searching for maintenance experts, looking for a room to place mining equipment and negotiating low-cost electricity, you can just buy a contract with FlyMining, since they have already gone through this path.

FlyMining currently offers two types of contracts to its customers:

  • “one-time-payment” lifetime contracts ranging from 0.1 to 60 TH/s; and
  • “35-monthly-payments” monthly contracts with a monthly payment of just $10 per 1TH/s. After 35 payments these contracts convert to lifetime contracts for free.

Despite the recent Bitcoin price drop, FlyMining’s lifetime bitcoin mining contracts are still profitable. This is achieved by providing low-cost electricity. Thanks to cheap electricity, the profitability period at FlyMining will last much longer than with other similar cloud mining providers.

Monthly contracts (contrary to lifetime contracts) are not profitable from day one, but they allow you to start with a little initial payment and test the service. You can rent 1TH/s for just $10/month! And after 1, 2 or 3 months you can upgrade your monthly contract to a lifetime contract if it works for you. Upgrades of monthly contracts to lifetime contracts can be done anytime.

There are two unique features of FlyMining, one being 24/7 live stream webcams. You can always check the mining facility in real-time. Another feature is a so-called “maintenance balance” that allows you to pay for electricity with a credit card instead of paying with your hard-earned Bitcoins when their price can go up any minute. This allows saving Bitcoins for future price highs.

Of course, FlyMining has a referral program that allows you to get free hashrate. As soon as you register, you get a referral link with your unique promo code that you can share with other people. Every time the person you invited buys a contract at FlyMining, both you and that person get 5% of the purchased hashrate! That’s a total of 10 bonus percents, which is a lot.

fly mining

The FlyMining company itself is UK-based, but the mining facility is obviously located in a Russian region with very cheap electricity. FlyMining has a very energy-efficient solution with 20ft. containers to achieve better ventilation and mobility. Thanks to a special ventilation system, the air temperature in the containers is always within the optimal range, which helps to protect the computing equipment from overheating. The air flow from the street passes through the container at a high speed, cooling the miners. The equipment is monitored by technical specialists 24/7, so you do not need to worry about any failures that can happen with the expensive equipment. With FlyMining, mining bitcoin seems to be an easy task!

You can find more info at

Contact email: [email protected]

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TNCoin Offers the Chance to Invest in Cryptocurrency backed by Real Estate Assets

tncoin press release

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 12, 2018) — TNCoin LLC, a Nashville, Tenn.­based real estate investment platform, recently announced the creation of one of the country’s first real estate tokenized asset funds. TNCoin will use the Stellar consensus protocol to distribute tokenized shares to investors, which allows for the portability and fungibility of cryptocurrencies that modern investors love. “TNCoin is a move in the positive direction for cryptocurrencies by providing more stable, securitized options.” said Fund Manager Luis del Mazo, Jr., CIPS.

TNCoin represents a valuable opportunity for individuals wanting to capitalize on this unique real estate­backed investment. At this juncture, TNCoin is seeking to raise between $5 and $50 million from accredited and foreign investors. “Although initially, this offering is only for accredited investors in the U.S., in the future, we would like to offer a Regulation A plus to open up to all levels of investors.” del Mazo said. Currently, TNCoin is offering a 30% bonus Tokens for first 10 million in capital raised. Investors will be available to sell tokens on the decentralized exchange 90 days after soft cap goal.

One of the key components of TNCoin’s offering is to provide investors with a tokenized asset that can be stored and exchanged at a future date. TNCoin is distinctive because it is one of the first securitized real estate investment funds to offer liquidable security tokens. The fund will acquire real estate assets either to rent, hold, renovate and sell while distributing dividends to token holders. TNCoin is considering as its first acquisition a multi­family housing facility located at 1601 Herman St. in Nashville. (Currently, the apartment building is 100­percent occupied.) “If we can negotiate a better price then TNCoin will initially be backed by this 68­unit apartment building generating 1.3 million in revenue a year, secured by corporate rental agreements,” del Mazo said. “The steady rate of return through rents and appreciation will help cryptocurrency investors stabilize their volatile portfolios.”

Stellar is a blockchain platform that is primarily focused on integrating distributed ledger technology into the existing financial infrastructure. The Stellar consensus protocol is an open­source protocol for exchanging money. Stellar connects banks, payment systems and people around the world. Smart contracts combine protocols with user interfaces to formalize and secure relationships over computer networks. Objectives and principles for the design of

these systems are derived from legal principles, economic theory, and theories of reliable and secure protocols.

Liquidity, performance, security, and ease of use make Stellar an ideal protocol for tokenization. Stellar provides a built­in exchange which does not require the use of listing to a 3rd party exchange. Token issuers can customize smart contract features to satisfy securities laws. Consumer protection and KYC/AML requirements can also be added, providing for a self­regulating ecosystem, other programmable features include dividend distribution and self­auditing functionality. Tokens created on the stellar consensus network can also be listed on 3rd party exchanges like Bitterex and Binance in the same way as ERC20 tokens. Another important factor is performance. Stellar remittance fees are cheaper and faster than ERC20, and the stellar network can handle more transaction simultaneously while not being susceptible to the scalability issues of the ERC20 protocol. The ease of use and simple programming of the stellar protocol is also a security feature as it prevents complicated and exploitable codes to be programmed into its network. Another security feature is the ability of administrators to recover lost or stolen tokens. For investors who wish to use BTC and ETH, do not worry TNCoin will be able to accept those too!

TNCoin is poised to help investors take advantage of this emerging asset class and technology. Luis A. del Mazo and his business partner, Tanya Rodriguez, CIPS have a high level of knowledge in Real Estate and blockchain investing and are establishing themselves as real estate crypto pioneers. They are committed to leading the way in this new emerging tokenized real estate industry.

In terms of their professional background, del Mazo and Rodriguez­ both became licensed Realtors in 1998 and have distinguished themselves as international real estate advisors. Together, these certified international property specialists have completed hundreds of commercial and residential real estate transactions. Over the past 20 years, del Mazo and Rodriguez have worked all aspects of the real estate industry and have continually enhanced their knowledge. Del Mazo, who holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from ITT Technical Institute, worked in mortgage finance before beginning his real estate career. From 1998­2008, he maintained a position in Remax’s elite 100% Club as one of its top producers. His experience encompasses everything from rental and construction management to renovations, sales, structuring creative financing strategies, and investment consulting. Rodriguez is an experienced commercial­residential Realtor with a solid history of working in the areas of negotiation, sales, buyer representation, investments, U.S. Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and relocation.

For more information about TNCoin and its exceptional investment opportunity, please visit

Media Contact: Fund Manager Luis del Mazo

Phone: 615­543­6587

Email: [email protected]


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Let Us Get This Straight: Bounty Campaign Round Two Conditions Updated

Five updates of five star Bounty Campaign

Bounty Department of Monoreto — first social network with the monetization of popularity — proudly presenting the most important updates of the Second Bounty Round. Please, read carefully as only those who fulfilled all the conditions will get the reward.

Point One: We Are Moving

Every Bounty Campaign starts from the thread on the Bitcointalk. Our thread will be closed very soon. We will start the new thread and publish its URL on the top of the old one. The only moderator of the new Bounty Campaign Thread is Northi. Beware of scams!

Point Two: We Grow Up

Our basic social platforms where the product has been promoted were Facebook, Twitter, BTT (Signature Bounty). Also, we appreciated videos placed in blogs or video-hostings. Now we are presenting some new segments. We wait for your content on Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn. Then, we expand the translation Bounty and separate the YouTube Bounty from the video Bounty. Finally, we don’t want to stay limited only by social networks. Bug reporting campaign (both for the site and app) will be launched soon as well as application testing: the reward will be available even for installation and usage of our app! Stay tuned, and earn Monoreto tokens.

Point Three: We Rank

From this week, we introduce the smart system of participants ranking. Rating of every bounty hunter will depend on quality of his or her account on the given social media platform. High-quality accounts with big amount of real subscribers will get high reward. In particular, we will increase the reward for the text and creative tasks bounty hunters.

Point Four: We Optimize

To avoid missing of the every single report about your Bounty activity, we reassign all the reports to the Google Documents. Since the Second Round, please, send it only via this service. Nor comments, neither messages will be received as the report from this week forward.

Point Five: We verify

Now all the participants are obliged to go through the verification by joining our Telegram chat and write some words there. This procedure is designed to prevent bots and scams from joining our Bounty Campaign.

That’s it for today! Take part in our Bounty and earn our unique tokens.

The new round will be available for participation on July 23.

The Coin Shark does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions. The Coin Shark is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

Blockchain Economic Forum is coming to San Francisco on June 16-19

press release

Blockchain can be considered the most disruptive technology since the invention of the internet. LATOKEN, a crypto exchange and multi-asset tokenization platform, is proud to announce its third event dedicated to bridging blockchain with the global economy: Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF).

BEF Singapore and New York attracted over 1,600 investors, entrepreneurs, politicians, decision-makers, and opinion leaders, such as Vicente Fox (former president of Mexico), Reese Jones (Singularity University), Jean Claude Donato (Nikaia Ventures), Miko Matsumura (Evercoin), Peter Bergstrom (BitBlock Ventures), Daniel Heller (ex-IMF), Hanna Halaburda (Bank of Canada, NYU), Toni Lane Casserly (Cointelegraph), and Nicholas Merten (DataDash, 285k+ YouTube subscribers). Building on the success of these events, LATOKEN is delighted to host BEF in San Francisco on June 16-19, 2018.

BEF SF is a four-day event that is expected to be attended by over 2,000 participants, including many leaders from the world of technology, business, media and politics. The forum will host over 40 inspiring discussions on blockchain opportunities for strategic development of real sector companies, industry regulation, technology updates, as well as marketing and PR for blockchain and crypto startups.

Among 150+ confirmed speakers:

– Tim Draper, Founder, DFJ Fund

– Bobby Lee, Bitcoin Foundation, Board

– Gary Gensler, Chairman CFTC (2009-2014)

– Joe Oliver, Finance minister of Canada (2013-2015)

– Eva A. Kaili, Member of the European Parliament

and our special guest, Sophia, the latest and most advanced robot to date and a cultural icon, who is about to make an announcement for the humanity.

Blockchain Economic Forum is designed to empower pioneers to find ideas, investments, partners, and friends. Together we will make crypto official and widespread in order to automate capital markets, money and states. This will save billions of working hours each year. Blockchain can automate elections, courts, state finances and make them more transparent. As a result, 6 billion people will overcome corruption to catch up with the golden billion. This is how emerging economies may grow by $400 trillion. At the same time, the costs of state services in developed countries will likely be halved.”, says Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of LATOKEN and Chair of BEF Organizing Committee.

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