Spotify Lite Will Officially Work in 36 Countries
Spotify is going to launch the Spotify Lite application in 36 countries around the world officially. For about a year, this version of the streaming service was in beta testing, but now the company is ready for its official release. As the name implies, Spotify Lite is intended to work in conditions of a poor Internet connection, as well as to service older smartphones. Note that Spotify Lite is available only for the Android operating system version 4.3 and newer. The company claims that 90% of the functions of the main application are available in the Lite version. Also in Spotify stated that they are not going to implement the Lite version in iOS yet. The main goal of the company is to expand the scope of their service and to go beyond the already established market. Currently, Spotify has over 217 million active users, about 100 million from them are paid customers. For comparison, this figure reaches only 60 million people in the popular streaming service Apple Music. We want to remind: