SoftBank Announced The Creation of Vision Fund 2 with An Initial Capital of $108 Billion
SoftBank Group announced the launch of Vision Fund 2 with the participation of Apple, Foxconn, Microsoft, and other major technology companies and other private investors. This foundation will focus on technology based on artificial intelligence. Representatives of SoftBank said that the fund's capital reached 108 billion US dollars. It should be remarked that SoftBank’s own investments in the fund amount $38 billion. Note that members of the government of Saudi Arabia were excluded from this fund. This decision was made because of their involvement in the murder of The Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Vision Fund 2 will help SoftBank increase its influence in the industry. Recall that the capital of the Vision Fund was 97 billion US dollars. This fund has invested in dozens of major technology startups around the world. Together with the second version of the fund they are going to increase investment in the development of technology start-ups, as well as artificial intelligence. We want to remind: