Orlando Police Refused Face Recognition Software from Amazon

  Amazon's face recognition technology called Rekognition is no longer used by Orlando law enforcement. Recall that Amazon is developing its own platform based on artificial intelligence for face recognition. Note that the Orlando police decision put an end to the company's second attempt to use their technology in central Florida. The official reason for the failure is the lack of necessary equipment, as well as bandwidth in the region, which is necessary to launch and test the Rekognition platform correctly. Note that attempts to introduce this technology into the law enforcement sector became first known in May of this year. After that, Amazon faced an criticism that came especially from the AI ​​community side. Activists feared that the inherent flaws in the system would contribute to illegal monitoring and other law violations by law enforcement agencies. But at Amazon, they still insist that their technology is stable, and they will make every effort to push it into this sector.

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