Night Sight Will Be The Main Mode in The New Version of Android Q
Google decided to make Night Sight one of the main modes on smartphones Pixel. This means that developers have focused on the quality of photos in low light conditions in the new version of the OS. According to 9to5Google, this became known after leaks of the beta version of Android Q, which recently appeared on the network. If nothing changes before the official release, we will see the following sequence of camera modes in the new version of Google’s mobile operating system:
  • night mode;
  • portrait;
  • video;
  • as well as panorama, photosphere, photo booth,  slow motion, timelapse, etc.
Google has long advertised the Night Sight feature and actively compared their development with the iPhone XS, which lacks a separate shooting mode in low light. Note that the panorama mode from Google is pretty good, but it is not particularly different from similar solutions that are presented by competitors. It is also important to note that experienced photographers may be disappointed with the new Android update, as the developers have removed the ability to adjust the white balance manually. Sometimes automatic mode can be wrong and manual adjustment is very important for people who take a lot of photos. But it is possible that this is only an error in the unreleased beta software and this function has not disappeared anywhere. We want to remind: