NASA: This May We Will Have a Chance to Take a Look at the Blue Moon

According to the report of NASA, just in a few days we will be able to witness an interesting natural phenomenon called the blue moon. Despite the common misconception, the moon will not actually be blue, but it will still be quite a spectacular view. Usually, there are only three full moons in one month, but in rare cases, when there are four, the third one is called a Blue Moon. As we have already mentioned, the term arose not because of the actual color of the Earth’s satellite, but, most likely, after the old English phrase, meaning “Betrayer Moon”. The phenomenon will start in the afternoon on Saturday, May 18. It can be observed during the whole weekend. A blue moon usually occurs only once in 2.5 years, so it will definitely be worth checking out. Moreover, this phenomenon means an important signs in many world religions, for instance, Buddhism.