LiteGo Service - Start Accepting BTC on Your Site Today
LiteGo is an instant payment service for businesses using the Bitcoin Lightning Network technology. If you want to start accepting payments in Bitcoin directly on your site quickly, easily and safely, regardless of the jurisdiction and the country where you work, be sure to pay attention to the service. We will discuss it in today's article more detail.

Brief description of the service LiteGo

Digital currencies, and especially Bitcoin, are increasingly conquering the micropayment market. It is worth to note that here business owners often face high commissions, transaction delays, chargebacks, etc. In fact, LiteGo payment service is suitable for any online business: from online stores and telemarketing to pharmaceutical companies, from auctions to online dating. If you want to reduce transaction costs and increase the security of receiving payments, LiteGo Bitcoin Lightning Network technology is exactly what you need.

Advantages of LiteGo

  • No need for node support, as the service provides its own.
  • Minimum commissions, which are measured in microsatoshi, which are, undoubtedly, much more profitable in comparison with traditional payment methods.
  • Providing complete anonymity, the LiteGo service does not store customer data on its servers, and all transactions are encrypted. The service does not interfere with the operation of your site, does not request any personal information about your business, but simply provides you with a comfortable platform for working with Bitcoin transactions.
  • Freedom from banks and financial institutions.
  • Lack of exchange rate risks.
  • Irrevocability of payments, since it is impossible to cancel an already completed operation in the blockchain.
  • Lack of limits.
  • Lightning-fast transaction processing: using Bitcoin Lightning Network technology, transactions are confirmed literally in seconds.
  • Simple and intuitive integration using API tools.
  • The world's first WooCommerce plugin for the Lightning Network on the Wordpress platform.


The revolution in finance is underway and the success of your business depends directly on the speed of introducing new technologies. Therefore, if you want to become part of the digital economy of the future, increase the number of customers and improve the quality of the provided services, the LiteGo micropayment service is exactly what you need.