Joys Digest #3 June'19
Hello, the Joys team is in touch! June has been a challenging and a busy month for us. Good weather charged our solar panels to the max and we worked without interruption longer than the bunny from the Duracell ads. Today it's time to share our results. In this issue:
  • Joys in Estonia: we obtained the second license (Providing a virtual currency wallet service);
  • Release of Joys Wallet and Joys Terminal apps in Google Play and App Store — in July;
  • We updated our website – now it is more convenient, clear and modern;
  • Joys Digital service is completely ready for the start on the Russian market in Moscow;
  • Joys became the Operator of personal data in Russia;
  • Joys and Binance;
  • Joys Digital: transition to Ethereum Constantinople hard fork has been rescheduled to July;
  • The Joys team at public events;
  • Cryptohumor – month's best memes.

Joys in Estonia: we received the second license

It's wonderful when everything comes together according to plan! Especially when it comes to getting licenses for the quick launch of a payment service. The decision to open the Joys Platform OÜ in Estonia was absolutely the right one: we received both licenses in 2 months just as we planned. We received the second license, "Providers of a Virtual Currency Wallet Service", on June 17 (number FRK000792, without expiration date). You can check it out in this link, which leads to the official website of the Register of Economic Activities of Estonia. And here you can check the first license, for multi-currency exchange transactions — "Provider of a Service of Exchanging a Virtual Currency Against a Fiat Currency". Hurrah! You may ask us, what will happen next? Attentive readers can remember what we wrote about our future plans in the May Joys Digest. Reminder: after receiving licenses, we will immediately cut the red ribbon and solemnly open public access to our “baby” – the Joys Wallet mobile payment service app, and we'll begin connecting stores to it in the Russian Federation, starting with Moscow.

Release of Joys Wallet and Joys Terminal apps in Google Play and App Store — in July

A month ago, we reported that we would announce the release date of the Joys Wallet and Joys Terminal applications in June, after receiving the second license. The license has been obtained, so it's time for the official announcement: the applications will appear in both markets in the first half of July. Since the first demos of the Joys Wallet to participants of crypto conferences (where it was possible to purchase useful books for JOYS using the Evotor terminal), a lot of time has passed. Many of you can also remember a video showing the first transaction using the Joys Digital payment service in the CLASSICA wine store. Since then we managed to redesign the app, updating it and making navigation more convenient (we wrote about the changes in the April Digest). Currently, only the BTC wallet is supported in the production version, but soon we will add other cryptocurrencies and tokens. Also, at the first time applications will be available only in Russia. The wait is not long: the planned release in the first half of July.

We updated our website

We have another great news for you: we have updated our site to make it more convenient, understandable and modern. To do this, we changed the structure of the site, adding two new pages one for customers and one for the stores. On the “Buyers” page, we added information about shopping methods in stores, conditions and tariffs, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. On the “Shopping” page, we added a convenient “How it works” scheme, links to an open API for business, rates and conditions, as well as a feedback form for our representative. The cherry on top is a new minimalistic design in our corporate colors and sweet animations. The russian version of the site is already available, the english version will be available in July. We are really excited to hear your feedback on the new site! Share your opinion with us in the Telegram group or by e-mail.

The Joys team is completely ready to start the trial project in the Russian market in Moscow

Now, when we have licenses and apps will coming soon on Google Play and App Store, one of our main long-term goals is to expand the number of our new partner stores, and with it expand the geography of our payment service. Moscow is the largest city in Russia and one of the world's megacities, so we will start with it. Other cities in Russia will follow. Of course, we will not stop with Russia :)

Joys became the Operator of personal data in Russia

At the end of June, we became the Operator of personal data, following the Federal Law “On Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006 N 152-FZ. Thus, we will avoid the Telegram's fate in Russia. So, we don’t have to buy the citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis - just like transferring encryption keys: all transactions take place in the blockchain. Our unique, innovative, secure payment service will fully comply with the laws of the countries in which it operates.

Joys and Binance

On June 18, CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin and CCO Alexander Shamyan, held a meeting with Binance, a representative of the exchange in Russia and the CIS, Gleb Kostarev. As a result, areas were identified for cooperation in exchanging digital financial assets for fiat at Binance Jersey. Now we are working with the Win Pay platform and are very pleased with our cooperation, but there are never too many partners 🖳✆ We don’t have to be telepaths and put on the Cerebro helmet of Professor Charles Xavier of X-Men to understand what you are thinking about. And you’re thinking of listing on Binance right now, aren’t you? With the listing on Binance now everything is very difficult, even for partners. We assume that this may happen in the future, first of all we expand the possibilities for exchanging digital financial assets for Fiat, this will allow us to increase the number of cryptocurrencies and tokens supported by the Joys Digital payment service.

Joys Digital: transition to Ethereum Constantinople hard fork has been rescheduled to July

In the last issue, we talked about the transition of the blockchain Joys Digital to the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork. Let us remind you of its main advantages. For smart contracts, an increase in the efficiency and speed of the blockchain, ease of use of the network, lower energy consumption by the network, reduction in the need for the local currency Ethereum - Gas. For the network itself - reducing the cost of remuneration to miners for the new unit from 5 to 2 JOYS per unit. We decided to postpone the hard forks to give a little more time to remember JOYS with a higher reward value. The transition to Ethereum Constantinople will be made in mid-July.

The Joys team at public events

June 20-21 – International Cybersecurity Congress

This is one of the key events of the year in the field of cyber security, an international inter-sectoral platform for a dialogue between government officials, world business leaders and leading experts on the most pressing and topical issues of protection against cyber threats in the era of global digital transformation. The Joys team this time was represented by CEO Andrey Mikhaylishin, CTO Sergey Zhdanov and CCO Alexander Shamyan. At the event we…
  • agreed with the Department of Information Security of Banking Systems MEPI about searching for the best graduates in information security;
  • found interesting technical and software solutions to ensure the safety of the development and operation of the service;
  • got acquainted with S-Terra company (Leading developer and manufacturer of certified network protection tools based on IPsec VPN technology and Russian GOST cryptographic algorithms) and plan to use their solutions for our purposes;
  • got acquainted with the information and made a decision about the start of work on connecting to the GOSPKA (State system for detecting, preventing and eliminating the consequences of computer attacks).
All so that our payment service is the most secure and high-tech!


See you in a month! The Joys team

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