Источник: techcrunch.com

  The Japanese mission Hayabusa2, connected with the asteroid Ryugu, was more than successful.

  The fact is that the spacecraft made two landings on the space body and took the best photos of the asteroid that were ever sent back to Earth. Note that the Hayabusa2 mission had very ambitious plans:

  • fly to a nearby asteroid;
  • sit on the cosmic body and take a sample of its surface;
  • make a crater using a space gun;
  • take soil samples in the crater;
  • send the received samples back to Earth.

  It sounds unbelievable, but the Hayabusa2 team managed to do all of the above tasks. First, the ship landed on the undisturbed surface of Ryugu, where it took several photos of the asteroid and got the first sample of its ground.  After that, the team decided that they needed to ram Ryugu with the help of a 2 kg space bullet, which would crash at a speed of more than 4,400 miles/hour, and take samples from the formed crater. This idea was too risky, but the team Hayabusa2 still dared on it. Fortunately, everything went well and the scientists received a lot of new data for further study.

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