Is the Original Satoshi Nakamoto a Drug Dealer and Money Launderer?
Satoshi Nakamoto has collected the biggest amount of rumors and conspiracies around himself over the years. There are multiple theories as of his origin, some of them quite logical, others - simply ridiculous. However, this particular one is definitely going to blow your mind. A user of the blog 4Channel with the nickname Joe Zmmnp conducted a thorough research and put out his own vision of how Bitcoin actually came to life. The blogger analyzed the court papers of Craig Wright, a person who is also closely associated with the history of Bitcoin. Though most of the private information in the papers was carefully concealed, Joe found a few slips and determined that Wright provides authorities with the information about the dangerous drug dealer, named Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux. According to his theory, the concept of Bitcoin was developed by Paul Solotshi with the purpose of money laundering for his drug business. Later on, Craig Wright discovered it, handed Paul over to the police and hacked the private keys to the protocol of Bitcoin, becoming the next Satoshi Nakamoto. Though it seems crazy, Joe Zmmnp backed his theory up with so much evidence that it actually makes some sense. Anyway, until Satoshi Nakamoto is officially revealed, all these remain theories. We remind you that the crypto enthusiast John McAfee has promised to reveal the identity of Bitcoin’s creator soon. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: