Google Tests Play Button for Chrome Toolbar
Google Chrome developers decided to add a new feature to their browser, namely the button to play audio and video content. It will be located on the Chrome toolbar and allow users to manage music or video on a specific tab. The new feature is called Global Media Controls and now it is being actively tested by developers. Once added, this button will be located next to the URL field and will highlight what is currently playing, even if the user is viewing another tab. It is still not completely clear when exactly this button will be available to regular users, but most likely this innovation will appeal to a wide audience. Note that previously, Google developers have introduced several useful features in this direction, for example, an indicator of what tab something was reproduced and the ability to disable a single tab. Relatively recently it has become possible to disable the site on an ongoing basis, and Global Media Controls is similar to the next logical step in this direction. We want to remind: