Former Head of Mt.Gox is Sure He can Help Japan Become a Leader in the Blockchain Industry
Mark Karpeles, the owner of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox, intends to create a new business based on the blockchain technology. It is reported by Associated Press. Read more on the topic: On Wednesday, June 5, Karpeles told reporters of the edition that in this way he wanted to help Japan become the world leader in the blockchain industry. Although it remains to be seen what kind of project is being prepared for launch. It will not surprise anyone if this will be the next exchange. Exchange activity and the crypto industry, in general, is on the rise in Japan. Strict licensing and regulatory control procedures are aimed at preventing any violations of services and undermining consumer confidence in them. As for the acclaimed Mt.Gox, we want to remind you that the period of payment of funds to the victims was postponed to October 28 of this year.