Ex-Head of Mt.Gox Denied Information About Plans to Work with Blockchain
Earlier, we wrote that Mark Karpeles, the former chairman of the defunct Mt.Gox exchange, will launch a new business on the blockchain. Read more on the topic: https://thecoinshark.net/former-head-of-mt-gox-is-sure-he-can-help-japan-become-a-leader-in-the-blockchain-industry/ In an interview with The Block, Karpeles partially refuted this information. The former head of Mt.Gox explained that Tristan Technologies has been operating for 3 years and is not a new company, and also has nothing to do with the blockchain.
“We’re working on new cloud solutions but with absolutely nothing on blockchain right now…This is [just] a technology company,” he told. “I don’t think it would make sense at this point to work in the blockchain and crypto industry.”
However, Karpeles did not rule out the possibility of developments on the blockchain in the future:
“We may do things with the blockchain in the future but as of now there are no plans.”
Regarding the statement about the leadership of Japan, Karpeles noted that until now the companies from the USA (Amazon, Google and Microsoft) dominated in the cloud sector, while in Japan there is still no well-known industry representative.
“[Cloud services] need players from all around the world. It’s not going to be easy, but to reach the moon you aim for the stars,” he said.
Surprisingly, the lawyer who represented Karpeles in court, Nobuyasu Ogata, is the CEO and president of Tristan Technologies. Carpeles says that it was Nobuyasu who proposed the idea of ​​the company name. Currently, the company has only four full-time employees, including Karpeles and Ogata, but he noted that recruitment will be open this year. Mark Karpeles says the company will launch a new operating system to improve security and more quickly integration of software. The exact date has not yet been established. Meanwhile, the ex-head of Mt.Gox is aware that he has yet to win the legal battle for innocence in the case of manipulating electronic data. If found guilty, Karpeles faces additional imprisonment. We want to remind you: https://thecoinshark.net/suit-against-mtgox/