Chinese Startup Abacus News Will Be Able To Find Lost Dogs By The Prints Of Noses

In China, they have created a new startup that is able to scan the imprint of a dog's nose with an accuracy of 95%. The company Megvii is developing software for recognizing people's faces, but its employees decided to go even further and expand the capabilities of the technology to recognize pets. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="742"] Source: the Vegre[/caption] Their new program, Abacus News is able to recognize dogs by their nose prints (this is like the fingerprints of people, each dog is unique). Anyone can register their pet in the database of the application, simply by taking a picture of his nose from different angles. At the moment, the application has already registered more than 15,000 dogs. It is worth noting that in the past few years, face recognition for animals has become increasingly popular. A similar Finding Rover application in the USA has been running for some time, which helps in finding the missing cats and dogs. We want to remind: